How to Go Back For Loyal Customers

A Couple goes out for a romantic dinner at a new place.

Their waiter lets them know about a discount if they go back for a special occasion.

Ka-Ching! Bill Paid!

With Valentine’s day coming up, the customer receives an email reminder to go back.

The couple goes back to their new favorite restaurant.

GoBackFor is more than a customer contact tool. It’s a targeted marketing system that actually generates repeat business.

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30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

It’s ideal for any business that loves repeat business, including


Keep a runner on track for their next pair of shoes while you’re lacing up the pair they buy today.

Personal Services

Hair? Nails? Massage? A fitting? GoBackFor makes the most of your valuable time by reminding your clients of upcoming appointments.


Put the “routine” back in routine maintenance by reminding your customers it’s time to check their car, air conditioning / heating system or other equipment.


Everyone has a special occasion coming up. Remind them you make it a special experience.

How it Works


GoBackFor is an easy to use, mobile-friendly, browser based solution that helps your business turn first time customers into repeat customers. It’s a customizable solution that's as versatile as you need it to be!

Set a personalized return date reminder

that meets your customers’ individual needs

Send links to special offers

as incentives for repeat business

Suggest products or send personal messaging

tailored to a particular customer

Just Follow These Simple Steps

During the payment process, have your employees tell your customers you’ll send them a complimentary reminder when it’s time to replace a product, perform maintenance or use your service again.

  1. Request an email address
  2. Suggest a reminder date, or ask about upcoming event dates where a reminder would be helpful
  3. Complete 3 simple steps to set up the GoBackFor message

Ready to see how GoBackFor can bring you more repeat business?

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30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.

GoBackFor is a simple to use, customizable solution that can help virtually any business give a first-time customer a good reason to return.

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I’m a runner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pre-dawn, day-in-and-day-out, rain or shine, mile-devouring marathon trainer, but I’m fairly committed to getting in a good run two or three times a week. Recently, when I was buying a new pair of running shoes, something occurred to me — I had no idea how long these shoes should last me. I’m not talking about how long they’d last the average user, I’m talking about me. It seemed logical that my pair, which hit the road a couple of days a week, should last longer than an identical pair used by an everyday runner. Frankly, the idea of waiting until my feet were throbbing to start the process of looking for my next pair seemed inefficient and, well, painful. So when would I need to replace them? It was an intriguing question that led to another one: What would it mean to the retailer who could give me with that information?

That’s why I developed GoBackFor. It’s a better, more personal way to help customers like me stay on schedule… and not just with shoes.

GoBackFor is a simple to use, customizable solution that can help virtually any business give a first-time customer a good reason to return. As a shoe buyer, I knew this was the resource that would keep me running — and I’m confident it can do the same for your business!

Tom Nagle
Founder / CEO


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